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Who We Are

MagicAid is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing kind and compassionate care to patients through the art of magic. Our "Magic Therapists" are made up of healthcare professionals around the United States, and include medical students, nurses, Child Life specialists, physicians, and more. They provide one-on-one magic therapy sessions for pediatric patients and their families. MagicAid provides all the training needed to become a top-notch magic therapist, with no prior experience necessary! 


MagicAid currently has trained providers at hospitals across the United States with more on the way! To learn more about using magic as a therapeutic intervention, and to bring MagicAid to your institution, click on the link below.

What We Do

Our trained MagicAid members engage patients in one-on-one magic therapy sessions in the comfort of the patients’ rooms. Our carefully developed curriculum encourages active participation, and includes teaching the patient how to perform select effects that they can then keep and show to others. This boosts cognitive, social, and gross/fine motor skill development, as well as the emotional well-being of the children.


Magic makes the impossible seem possible! As such, we believe it instills children with the hope that no matter how impossible their recovery may seem, they will get better!

In addition to our clinical work, we are actively conducting studies to improve our services and further bridge the worlds of magic and medicine. To learn more about our research efforts, click on the link below.

Who We Serve

We are dedicated to serving the in-patient pediatric population. We offer support to patients from those who are weekly visitors to the Cancer Center for treatment, to children who are in for a single ER visit. Additionally, we see patients in Intensive Care (PICU), isolation units, and ambulatory surgery settings. Our therapy is catered to the child’s needs while also serving to benefit the family of the patient. We have performed magic therapeutic services and benefited children ages 2 and up.

Our Approach

We strive to have a lasting impact on the patients that we serve. Therefore, our approach is two-tiered. First, we perform magic tricks for the patients in the comfort of their hospital rooms. After a few tricks, we teach the patients how to perform their favorite magic effects and leave them with the supplies to show the trick to others. Their faces light up and they keep practicing for days, eventually showing their doctors, nurses, family members, and friends.

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